greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Howard Hughes Battles the Pink Robots (Pt. 3)

Yesterday, I wrote 1,154 words of The Dinosaurs of Mars, beginning Section Five, "The Big Grim." I still have no title for Section Four. About halfway through the writing yesterday, I read "Themis characterization of the MER Gusev crater landing site" (Milam, K. A., et al. 2003. Journal of Geophysical Research), because I needed to know the approximate level of Zutphen Crater below datum. The story, and the characters, inch their way towards whatever secrets are hidden beneath Apollinaris Patera. At least I finally got them out of Kayne City. Going back to the novella today, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what happens next. I assume the story will let me know.

And we were up much too late last night reading You Know What, so I can't even blame insomnia for my grogginess.

Just a little more than one day left on two of the current auctions. Have a look, please and thank you.

I think that's all I have this afternoon. It's time for coffee. Because the platypus is a merciful monotreme, or so I am told.
Tags: harry potter, mars, tdom

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