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my (fat) cat has fleas

So, we're now down to the final 23 hours or so of the Murder of Angels hand-corrected galley auction, and we've added a couple of new shots of the manuscript to the auction page (scroll down to the bottom). Remember, this is a one-of-a-kind document. I can't ever offer another one of these later on. Also, remember that I'm throwing in a free signed ARC of the subpress edition of Low Red Moon. And to sweeten the pot just a little more, I'll also include a free signed ARC of my forthcoming novella, The Dry Salvages (these items are pictured with the ms. in the eBay photos). No way this isn't a bargain, right? You bet'cha. Besides, uinlike the published version, it has all the commas right where they should be.

Also, the free monster doodles with "buy-it-now" puchases offer expires in less than seven hours. Don't forget, when my writing is hazy memories known only to a few myopic shut-ins, my monster doodles shall be hanging in galleries around the world. That's how these things go. Trust me. I'm smart. Even if I do sound like I'm trying to sell you a used car. Click here to see all our current auctions.

The waxing went well, by the by. About an hour on the table, and I dozed off at one point.

I think I'm about to clear everything off my desk and dust it. Monday, I need to begin the new story for Subterranean Press (yes, this is Caitlín slowing down - Hah! she laughed exhaustedly), and I'd like to do so on a clean desk. Yep. Dust the desk.

How the frell is that for exciting?

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