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I'm a cactus trying to be a canoe.

More than eight hours sleep, thank the gods of 21st-Century generic pharmaceuticals. But it left me filled with dreams (mostly of Mordor, apocalypse, and collecting Triassic archosaurs) and disoriented — pause here, because Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press called, and we talked a bit. Er, where was I. Okay, who cares. Next.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,073 words on "In the Dreamtime of Lady Resurrection," without absinthe. I hope to finish it tomorrow. I would be finishing it today, probably, but Spooky has proclaimed that we will be seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix today, and I can think of no compelling reason why that should not be so. Nymphadora rocks my socks (worry not, any spoilers will be placed behind cuts, at least on LJ). And after the film, we have dinner with Byron, who we have not seen in a couple of weeks.

Good walk last night, though the humidity was a monster. I erected my first attempt at a building in Second Life, just to start getting the hang of construction. Two adjacent walls, a first and second floor, a bit of roof, and then I tore it all down again. Before I can actually begin the Palaeozoic Museum, I must sit down and draw out a plan (based somewhat on Hawkins' sketches). Spooky's learning Wings 3D, a sculpting programme that we will be using to build the actual dinosaurs and such. Oh, and she's talking a trilobite stained-glass window for the atrium. My concept is sort of a steampunk cathedral dedicated to 19th-Century paleontology. Meanwhile, of course, there are the the rp travails of Nareth Nishi, which is that other part of my Second Life and which you may follow by reading her journal.

In this First Life, Spooky has just about finished her second Elizabethan owl sculpture (a commission), which you may get a peek at here.

Oh, and another episode of Deadwood last night before bed, "No Other Sons & Daughters."

Okay, I need coffee and a bath, so I think that's it for now. Other than a reminder of the current eBay auctions.
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