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My heart's a tart, your body's rent.

Yesterday was the sort of writing day that would make me love my vocation, if only every writing day were like yesterday. But in truth, yesterday was the rarest sort of writing day. One in which I allowed myself to disregard the shoddy artifices of story and plot. One in which I let myself wander freely in mood and language, image and theme. The simple poetry of prose, which is really what I got into this whole writing thing for to begin with. The Dinosaurs of Mars seems just the opposite, almost all story and plot (and characterization), so it was a relief to cut myself free for a few days. I did 1,054 words yesterday on a piece titled "In the Dreamtime of Lady Resurrection" for Sirenia Digest #20. Despite my last entry, there are actual numerous sources of inspiration. Which is to say, any time I give you a simple answer, call me on it. It would be more accurate to say that the System of a Down video was the initial impetus for the piece. Much of yesterday was spent re-reading bits of Frankenstein, Paracelsus, Ernst Haeckel, Charles Wyville Thomson, Thomas Huxley, Cornelius Agrippa, and Coleridge, all of which may fairly be cited as inspirations for what was written yesterday and what will be written today. Oh, and Garbage, too. Also, yesterday was the first time in months, I think, that I allowed myself to use absinthe while writing, and that likely shows, as well.

Congratulations to occasional Sirenia Digest contributer and collaborator Sonya Taaffe (sovay). Her story "The Depth Oracle," originally published in the "pages" of the digest, was reprinted in Best New Romantic Fantasy 2 and singled out by Publisher's Weekly as one of the anthology's "standouts," described as "hypnotic."

The insomnia was only moderate this ayem. I slept about six hours.

A good walk last night. The sun was down, and the day's heat was draining away. Cats, fireflies, bats, lightning bugs, the gentle noise of cicadas and crickets and katydids. A few bright stars and planets visible above the city lights.

I forgot to mention that we finally were able to get started on the latest season of Dr. Who Friday night. I wasn't very impressed with "The Runaway Bride," which I thought sort of squandered the opportunity of a longer episode. But I was very pleased with "Smith and Jones" and entirely approve of the new companion.

Last night, I took a big step in Second Life and finally purchased 1,472 sq. meters of land in New Babbage, on which I shall build my steampunk version of Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkin's Palaeozoic Museum. My lot is next to the Undershaw, just across from the Town Hall. Thank you, Mayor Sprocket. And the land only cost me $12,228. That is, in Lindens, not US dollars, and since the exchange rate is currently 186 Lindens to the dollar, well, there you go. Regardless, I'm beginning three auctions today, to help offset the expense of my ridiculous obsession. Spooky has just put three items up on eBay: an ARC of the Subterranean Press edition of Low Red Moon; a copy of The Five of Cups (hardcover trade edition); and a copy of the Italian-language edition of Threshold (La Soglia). You may see all three auctions here. All books come signed and can be personalised at the buyer's request. Now, I just have to actually build the museum and the exhibits...
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