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Howard Hughes Opens Her Eyes

Another eight hours this morning. I think my body has finally rebelled against my mind and is forcing sleep upon me. If that is the case, I am grateful to this body (and rarely have I ever voiced that sentiment). Now, if I could just find the wake-up switch.

Yesterday, I wrote a very respectable 1,304 words on The Dinosaurs of Mars. And pondered exactly what would (in detail) happen to the human body if suddenly exposed to Mars' mean surface-level atmospheric pressure of only 600 Pa, or less than 1% of Earth's.

We waited until well after dark to take our walk, and so missed the worst of the heat. The moon was wonderfully bright. Afterwards, we indulged in the pleasant familiarity of Firefly and Deadwood. Two eps of the former ("Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Trash") and one of the latter ("Deadwood").

I spent a couple of very frustrating hours in Second Life. It pains me to see the waste of so much creative potential. It galls me to encounter dozens and dozens and dozens of beautiful, ingeniously constructed worlds that are little more than "ghost towns." I begin to suspect that Second Life is one of those things that humanity is simply not yet, in general, ready for, and maybe it never will be.

Good and welcomed comments to yesterday's entry, regarding Sirenia Digest #19 and other things, so thanks for that. More today would not be so bad. Talking with phosphor voices helps get me from one end of the day to the other.

I am enjoying the new Rasputina album, Oh Perilous World. I think this might possibly be the best yet, overall. And here I think I've run out of blog entry for now. The platypus says that's just as well.
Tags: decompression, good tv, rasputina, second life, sirenia, sleep, tdom

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