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Murder of Angels

Addendum: The UPS guy came about 5:45 this afternoon, bringing me four copies of Murder of Angels. I spent the next hour or so just sitting staring at one of them, flipping through the pages, grateful that it's mostly as I meant it to be (including my weird layout), grateful for the cover and that my editor did such a good job with the whole package. But mostly I just feel weird. And a little numb. This is usually how I feel when a novel is released. Not happy. Not much of anything. There it is. Here I am. I did it again. Five times now.

Spooky snapped a couple of pictures, a few minutes after I opened the package (Blog readers go to LJ to see them):

This one's pretty dark, but you get the point,

The neat thing about this shot is how well it shows off the scar in my left eye that renders me half-blind. One eye red. One eye yellow.

Anyway, I need to have some dinner, and then I'll probably just sit and hold this thing a while longer.

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