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Hypnos and I

I am, in almost all ways, feeling better this morning. I was in bed before 2 a.m. The first tablet of zolpidem tartrate (the new generic Ambien) only made me very stoned, but the second one, which I took maybe half an hour later, put me to sleep, and I slept well until almost ten a.m., so I got at least seven good hours sleep. I hope for eight tonight. And no nasty dreamsickness; mercifully, I can not even now recall whatever dreams I might have had.

Yesterday, we read over and proofed "The Steam Dancer," and then I made some corrections and sent it to Vince. I still need to tweak the story just a very small bit, and read over "The Daughter of the Four of Pentacles," but with any luck Sirenia Digest #19 should reach subscribers somewhere in the neighborhood of June 21st. And if you are not yet a subscriber, this issue would certainly be a good place to begin. There will be more than 15,000 words of fiction, delivered straight to your inbox. Just follow the link above, read the FAQ (which is a little out of date), and sign up. Easy.

Today, I hope to begin work on The Dinosaurs of Mars, which I'd like to have finished by the second week of July. I spoke with producer D yesterday about the "Onion" screenplay, to ask if we could put yesterday's meeting off until today (as I was nearing delirium and all but useless), and he proposed we wait until Thursday so that I'd have another day more to recover from the insomnia, which was very kind of him. Anyway, I'll likely be getting back to work on the screenplay tomorrow evening.

Sometime after six p.m. last night, a bank of clouds moved in from the northeast, and Spooky and I sat out on the front porch and watched a vortex of blue-greys and purples and dusky pinks swirling overhead. The wind was wonderful and smelled of rain and ozone. The clouds brought a heavy, cold downpour and a little hail. Today the sun is back, but the temps are much cooler. Hopefully, the drought is over.

The hand-corrected Silk auction has only about 26 hours left to go, so if you're interested, take note. This is not the sort of thing you get a second chance on (unless, of course, you buy it from whoever wins this auction). I'll repost photos of the book sometime this evening. This is, truly, a unique item. There will only ever be just this one.

And I have read the news that Mr. Wizard (Don Herbert) has died at 89 years of age.
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