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half-awake or half-asleep?

These late-in-the-day updates I've been doing are robbing me of material for the usual morning entries. Yesterday, it seemed somehow urgent that I communicate the imminent arrival of copies of Murder of Angels (and that is ...Angels, kiddos, not ...Crows, 'kay?). It's nothing that wouldn't have waited until today, but I've never been a terribly patient nixar.

I'd honestly thought that when MoA was done, I'd be finished with the series of stories I began with Silk and Threshold. I was, of course, wrong. Every door I close seems to force another one or two open. It all moves forward in Daughter of Hounds (if stories really do "move forward"; I grow increasingly suspicious of this thing called "progress"). But. MoA ties off many threads. I'm rambling, aren't I? These things go round and round in my head. I have so many worries for this book. I have so much anxiety, that readers won't feel what Daria and Niki are going through, that some will be put off by the lesbian/bisexual orientation of the central characters (That's called "homophobia," but who's keeping score, right?), that it's too dark or not dark enough, that the fantasy elements in this story will lose me readers (never mind that everything I've ever written is fantasy), and so on and on and on.

There's a little write-up on The Dry Salvages at Trashotron (7/27/04, "Will This Pen Last Long Enough: The Dry Salvages by Caitlín R. Kiernan").

I begin to worry that The Dry Salvages will get more press than MoA. It'd be ironic, and it's a peculiar thing to "worry" about, but I do, nonetheless.

Oh, we didn't go to my mother's today. You've all probably figured that part out. There was just too much to do yesterday. So we're going tomorrow, instead. Presumably. You never can tell.

Last night, we watched episode 4:09 of Farscape, "A Prefect Murder." I think it's one of the overall best episodes in the series (so far). Afterwards, it rained and rained and rained, as A. A. Milne said, and I played Kya for a while. As I approach the end of this game, it's getting much more difficult. I need to "kill" (well, exorcise) wolfen, and I've killed so many wolfen, they're getting hard to find. They're all hiding out behind annoying booby traps and guard dogs and such. I'll probably finish Prince of Persia. when I'm done with this game, but the big one coming up is Ghosthunter, from the makers of the astounding Primal.

But I natter.

I think we may try to get a few more things up on eBay today. Unless we don't. I want to add a couple more images to the MoA galley auction, for example. First, though, I have to reach my agent, who I believe is vacationing at her summer home in Maine.

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