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Sirenia Digest or Strange Drama?

So, as I said a few days back, I'm seriously considering changing the title of Sirenia Digest to Strange Drama, and right now is the time to make the decision, as from_ashes (Grand High Web Lemur) is about to do a major redesign of the SD website. Please note that a change of title would in no way be reflected in the digest's content, which would stay the same. I just think Strange Drama is fitting and somewhat less stodgy, that's all. However, if everyone thinks it's a stinky idea, I will keep the old title. Only current subscribers should vote, please. And vote only once; do not check more than a single box. Thanks!

Poll #992934 SD = Sirenia Digest or Strange Drama?

As a subscriber, how would you feel about Sirenia Digest becoming Strange Drama?

Fine by me. Change is good.
I would prefer the name stay the same. Tradition!
Indifferent, since the content will not change.
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