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gobble, gobble (from heck)

Tonight, Spooky and I are pretending to be suburbanites. After Alabama Bound, we decided to stay with my mother another night, and she and my stepfather have gone to a Social Event, leaving us alone in this big, quite house. So, we cooked spaghetti and proceeded to make-believe we could ever actually inhabit such a place ourselves. My mother collects things. Like ceramic turkeys. There's a whole row of ceramic turkeys on the windowsill above the kitchen sink. You wouldn't think ceramic turkeys would be so intimidating.

Alabama Bound went well. I read a very short bit from Chapter Three of Low Red Moon, Narcissa as a child, killing dogs and whatnot. Though I'd tried hard to find one of the less disturbing passages in the novel, the expressions on many of the faces in the audience left me with the impression that it wasn't exactly the sort of thing they'd come expecting to hear. No one walked out, but there were some distinctly furrowed eyebrows. I signed some books. I met a few other local authors. And I finally met Franklin Harris, whom I've known since about 1998, but had never met face-to-face.

Anyway, tomorrow it's back to Atlanta and the Real World. In the Real World, there are far fewer ceramic turkeys, I don't own a two-car garage or a schnoodle, and there are more condiments in the fridge than anything else. See you then...

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