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Dr. Jennifer M. Caudle, Ph D.

I despise waking up with headaches. That's what happened this morning. I awoke from a spectacular nightmare, with a spectacular headache.

But the good news is that Jennifer has successfully defended her dissertation! She called from Athens with the news at about 11:25 this morning. Tonight, we shall gather up a few friends and have a celebratory dinner. Her graduation ceremony is August 7th.

Today, we read "The Pearl Diver," because we didn't get to it yesterday, and I e-mail it to the FutureShocks editor. The way my head feels right now, if I can get just that much done, I'll be doing good.

The new ebay auctions are off to a good start. I forgot to remind people yesterday that everyone who uses "buy it now" before midnight of July 31st gets a monster doodle.

This is a post of brief paragraphs.

Last night, Spooky and I finally saw Mystic River. I was very, very impressed. It's the sort of thing Stephen King would write were Stephen King a better writer. I didn't mean that as snarky as it sounded. But it did have a strong King vibe to it: three boys experience traumatic event, grow up, try to get on with their lives, but the Past comes back to haunt them, and they are faced with the inescapable consequences of their misfortune in youth. Anyway, yes, it was a fine film, much darker than we'd expected; our viewing was no doubt enhanced by a wonderful huge thunderstorm. Sean Penn's performace was indeed stellar, but I still wish the Best Actor Oscar had gone to Bill Murray for Lost in Translation.

I think I'm about to go on an sf reading binge. On the prospectus are Neal Stephenson, Ian McDonald, Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Richard Morgan, and, ah frell, I don't know who else. Lots.

And I think I'm ready for people to stop writing to tell me I'm a googlewhack, especially the people who insist upon reducing the English language to a mysterious set of phonetic misspellings. Yes, I know. I'm a googlewhack. And, I assure you, I cherish that fact more than the four awards my writing has earned me, my fat old cat, and the things that Spooky can do with a riding crop. But I frelling know, already.
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