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angular bears and wolves

Yesterday was a preview of what things are going to be like for me over the next two or three months, and it was a little sobering. I did a very respectable 1,738 words on "The Ape's Wife," which is now coming along quite well. So I am celebrating with a Fay Wray icon. After dinner, I went to work on the "Onion" screenplay and did a little more than three pages (or 1,025 words). I finished up just before midnight. D has asked me to confine my blogging about the screenplay to the process of writing it, avoiding particular matters of story — in what ways, for example, the screenplay will differ from the short story. But I will say that the short story will serve as roughly the first half of the screenplay. Everything beyond that "final" scene with Frank and Willa in Central Park is presently terra incognito. Assuming the old screenwriting adage that one page equals one minute of screen time, we're aiming for 115 pp. I've decided (once again) to adapt the Zokutou word meter to a page meter to track my progress through this project. I hope to eventually be doing 4 pages a night and to have the first draft of the screenplay done by early June. Presently, then, it looks like this:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3 / 115

I also learned yesterday, from my editor at HarperCollins, that my deadline for the dreaded Revision of the Marches is May 23rd, which is just shy of terrifying. As soon as "The Ape's Wife" is written, I'll get back to that ms. and whatever the powers that be want done to it, before I proceed, at last, to The Dinosaurs of Mars. Meanwhile, Spooky's making her way through Murder of Angels, proofreading it for the forthcoming mass-market paperback edition (Roc; April 2008). She did the first 61 pp. yesterday. Of course, she'd much rather be making dolls, and I do not blame her.

We did get in a walk yesterday, all the way to Inman Park. I refuse to allow this body to go and atrophy on me until I'm at least -15, goddamn it. After I read the screenplay pages to Spooky, though it was half past midnight, we figured we could still squeeze in a movie, so we watched Kevin Macdonald's The Last King of Scotland. Spooky's mom and dad spent time in Uganda in the late sixties and early seventies, at the end of Obote's reign and at the beginning of Amin's. Her father, an anthropologist, was doing dissertation work there. I think I got to sleep about 4 a.m., but managed a just barely decent enough 6.5 hours. Screw you, Mister Insomnia Monster.

My thanks to the folks who replied to my call for a web guru. I believe that I have made a decision and will be letting that person know later today.

I'm sort of glad I was unaware that President Asshole had signed a proclamation declaring May 1 to be Loyalty Day. Of course, this foolishness actually dates back to 1921, when it was called Americanization Day and set forth as an effort to take the first of May back from those infernal Communists. It has been an official holiday since 1958, one which everyone pretty much ignores. Anyway, now I shall have to wait until next May 1 to do something disloyal, though, technically, in the eyes of President Asshole and the fascist Xtian Americans* who follow him, being a witch and recognizing May 1 as Beltane must be pretty damn disloyal. At least, I hope they see it that way.

* Please note that I am not saying that all American Xtians are fascists. Just the ones who either admit it or act like it.
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