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Philomath is where I go by dawn...

Happy Beltane, if you are so inclined. I have lived to see another May. Another winter's gone.

Yesterday was all work, and today it's sort of a blur (thank you, dreamsickness). I signed the signature sheets for The Day It Rained Forever, and those should go back in the mail to England today. Then I did the Edward Gorey interview, which was easier than I expected. I have gone on record as saying that my two favourite Edward Gorey books are The Loathsome Couple (1977) and The Insect God (1963). I'll post a link when the article goes up.

I got back to work on "The Ape's Wife," and was very pleased to discover a way for the story to proceed that allows me to keep those pages I wrote back in April. The meeting with D went very, very well, and now it's time to actually start writing the screenplay for "Onion." Also, the final round of revision notes relevant to the Forced and New Consolidated marches arrived yesterday, so the dreaded rewrite is now imminent.

Last night, we watched Alan J. Pakula's The Parallax View (screenplay homework), which I'd somehow managed never to see. I liked it a great deal, and realised I like quite a few Warren Beatty films, even though Warren Beatty sort of makes me itch. I forgot to mention that Saturday night we watched Martin Campbell's remake of Casino Royale and loved it. This is the James Bond film I've been waiting for. I was already a fan of Daniel Craig's, and he moves through Casino Royale like the second coming of Steve McQueen.

After midnight, we attended to our modest Beltane ritual. It did not involve the stove or wooden spoons, I am happy to say.

We've begun reading The Children of Húrin, which looks likes it's going to be a delight. My grateful thanks to Rachel Keane for the early birthday present. Because it is May. And May is the month when -2 becomes -3 — May 26th, to be perfectly blunt — and surprises in the mail help to take the sting away.

If you haven't yet received Sirenia Digest #17, please e-mail Spooky at crk(underscore)books(at)yahoo(dot)com right away. I hope readers are pleased with this issue. "Night Games in the Crimson Court" is one of those stories that began life as one sort of idea, and turned out to be something almost entirely different. It was good to be with Scarborough and Saben again, even knowing how it all turns out for them farther along. And I was very pleased to be able to offer a new story by sovay, especially since it's steampunk, which I hope she will write more of in the future.

And now for an announcement: I have reached the point where I desperately need a web guru. Mostly, I need someone to handle the website and my MySpace page, and I need that someone yesterday. I can't pay, except in books (Roc, subpress, etc.) and a free Sirenia Digest subscription. This someone I need should be skilled in web design, Photoshop, etc. and have the time and enthusiasm necessary to get the initial job done and then handle the day-to-day upkeep. Anyone interested should e-mail me at greygirlbeast(at@)gmail(dot.)com as soon as possible. The more experience, the better.

Okay. It's 12:22 p.m. here in Atlanta, and the platypus says it's time to make the doughnuts.
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