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There is a very generous new review of Daughter of Hounds over at The Green Man Review, which you may read in its entirety by following this link. I adored this bit — "At one point I decided that the book is best described as 'What if John Bellairs had written Pulp Fiction?'" I must admit, there is a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when someone so obviously "gets it."

We met with Frank and Jim at Oakland Cemetery at three this afternoon, to decide exactly where we'll be shooting tomorrow, and ended up sitting among the tombstones and mausoleums talking for two hours about everything from Lovecraft to Dita Von Tease. I am glad we were able to meet today, as it has put me at ease about tomorrow. On the way to Oakland, we stopped by Psycho Sisters at L5P, and I got a drad new pair of pirate suspenders, because, you know, pirates can't be having their trousers falling down in the midst of all that pillaging and whatnot.

Last night, Jim (different Jim) and "Hannah" dropped by, and we were on our way out of the house for dinner at the Little 5 Corner Tavern when Jim slipped on the wet steps (storms yesterday) and gashed open his left palm. And before all was said and done, they sat in an ER until 5 a.m. waiting to see a doctor, at which point they gave up (still eleven people ahead of them), went home, and saw Jim's doctor this ayem. At which point too much time had passed for stitches. We can't even figure out how he gashed his hand open, as there was nothing sharp anywhere on the steps. I more than half suspect this rotten old house may have bitten him. At any rate, I feel horrid about the whole thing. From now on, all invitations to visit will be prefaced with a warning.

Okay. I must go wash my hair, then it's back to HPL...
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