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I ought to be asleep, but...

A couple of quotes before bed.

"All art is knowing when to stop."
— Toni Morrison (1984)

"I sat and wondered. How to make an artist do something he doesn't want to do or can't do. There are no threats, no blandishments that have effect because the 'art' part comes from within and is more subject to fears that result in nightmares of death than to warnings of guild denunciation or even simple greed. They can be assuaged sometimes only by walking away. When Joan Crawford told F. Scott Fitzgerald in the thirties, 'write hard, Mr. Fitzgerald, write hard," she was saying the only thing that can be said. She was shrewd enough to know that 'write well, better, faster, deeper' has no practical bearing on an interior process ultimately unknowable."

— Steven Bach (1985)