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Howard Hughes would if she could.

I have got to find a way to get more sleep. Recently, I've been attempting what seems the most reasonable course of action — go to bed earlier. But then I lie awake for an hour, an hour and a half.

I'm pretty sure I'm not awake right now.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,047 words on the new piece for Sirenia Digest #17.

I believe that I've just about finished uploading images to my MySpace page. There are still a couple from the early mid-90s I haven't been able to locate. But, having uploaded 71 images, the whole thing began to feel creepy. Like I'd become my own stalker. So, I think I've had enough of it. At least for now. Next week I'll probably discover a picture I absolutely have to add. Just because.

We did get in a walk yesterday, as far as the Carter Center.

The sun is bright out there. I need to open the curtain and let some of it inside.

More later, perhaps. The platypus beckons.
Tags: insomnia, myspace, sirenia

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