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these rivers of suggestion

Nothing was written yesterday. Nothing that counts.

It has become necessary to bow out of this year's Alabama Bound. I've held off until the last possible moment before announcing this, hoping that the situation might change. It hasn't. To those who were planning to see me there, I apologise. Next year, perhaps. I am beginning to think it would be wiser to simply abandon the idea of any future public appearances altogether. For the record, I am officially not officially appearing at Dragon*Con this year. At the very least, this saves me the trouble of having to cancel farther along.

I have this email, entitled "suffering fools," from Matthew Williams:

Unfortunately, when you started Sirenia Digest, you switched Muses. Some of your work fell into Erato's domain, whereas before you were under the patronage of Melpomene (tragedy) and Polyhymnia (sacred song). And Erato's contract quite clearly has a "suffering fools" rider.

While I find this an interesting observation, the truth is that I have always listened and been accountable only to Madam Calliope. I don't do subcontractors.

And then there's this one from Christopher Wayne, which I thought was rather sweet:

I came across your work late. I started with Alabaster, followed by Threshold, Silk and Daughter of Hounds.

Your writing is wonderful. I read your journal and your characters are true. Some of your characters I can feel a kinship with, or maybe a kinship with me 20 years ago. Especially
Silk and Daughter of Hounds. I felt bad for all of them. They try to do their best, but they are human (mostly). Your characters are not just true, but interesting. This is going to sound funny but almost all of them I would love to have coffee with. Except Dancy.

Trouble seems to follow her just a little too close...

Thank you for your writing, and you take care.

p.s. Ok, I was mean. I would have coffee with Dancy too, just at a coffeehouse that I would not mind losing....

Poor Dancy. Sometimes I think that I should sit down and write an alternate universe wherein Dancy was never stricken with the charge of fighting monsters and almost getting eaten in Savannah and being harassed by angels and all, where she lives a quiet and peaceful and uneventful life. Maybe one day I shall. Thank you, Christopher.

Yesterday...well, there was a nice walk down Sinclair Ave. and back. The weather was much better, though there was still a nip in the air. I frelled around with my MySpace page some more. I exchanged email with my agent and with my editor at Roc. Last night, Spooky made spaghetti. We watched Ace of Cakes and then watched Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, because having just finished the first three books, we both wanted to see it again. Spooky remembered that she had a MySpace page that she'd never done anything with, and we messed about with that a little. I think I went to bed at 2:30 a.m. And that was yesterday, kiddos.

Now, I'm gonna kick the platypus 'till hesheit bleeds daylight...

Postscript: Does anyone out there know anything about MySpace Books? I can't for the life of me figure it out and help would be appreciated.

Oh, and today is Samuel Beckett's 101th birthday, and Ron Perlman's 57th.
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