greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"Just a Lifetime"

Admittedly, I've never cared much for either the Legendary Pink Dots or Edward Ka-Spel's solo work. Spooky, however, is a great admirer of both, and last night she read me the following lyrics (printed in Ka-Spel's book Love and Loud Colours, 2002, though the lyrics date from 1989)...because, you know, I needed something to fucking cheer me up. They spoke directly to that terrible space where I am right now, and so I'm posting them here:

Weeping like the ghost of winter, we watch our tears kiss ash and turn to steam. We walk on hot coals where a stream meandered. Tarred and tanned. We flex and count the tumors on our hands - spreading swiftly now. For this, we've waited just a lifetime.

Sun blessed mirror shaded mad dogs. Blow a kiss we'll all fall over. Hunting the oasis but there's only cola - sensurround. A technicolour thrill - It costs a fortune, so it must be real. For just a little sip, we'll keep waiting (just a lifetime).

And some of us went underground. We dug a hole and settled down. We waited for the gentle sound of steady rain to soak the ground and rattle on our ventilator. Guess the time we sat there waiting. Yes, you guessed! We waited just a lifetime.

And dragons walked the earth again; paraffin was free. A fire-eater went insane and torched the final tree. Then one fine day the planet crumbled, just 'cause someone sneezed. For this, we waited just a lifetime.
Tags: doom, edward ka-spel, lyrics

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