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Howard Hughes contemplates the world Outside.

With only a modicum of fanfare and just a tad of hullabaloo, the New Consolidated March ended at 4:57 p.m. (CaST) on Sunday. It "only" required 2,025 words of me. It is done, and now I can move on.

Outside, the day is bright, and the sun actually seems warm today. Recently, we've been had many warm days that were not actually warm, mostly due to chilly winds. But today might be different. Only 55F right now, but there's a forecast high of 63F. I have not left the house since February 22nd. I have promised Spooky I will have a long walk today.

Just as soon as Vince sends me the art for this issue, Sirenia Digest #15 will go out to subscribers.

Me, I have to go to Birmingham, tomorrow or the day after. I was supposed to go last week, but thanks to friends, I was able to delay the whole thing by a week. But no more. I've not really left the Atlanta metro area since we returned from Rhode Island back in August. Sheesh.

I have long been an Oscar geek, but this year I just couldn't seem to care. Last night was the first Oscar ceremony I have chosen not to watch since sometime in high school, maybe 1980. But, I am pleased with some of the results. Three for Pans Labyrinth. I'm extremely happy that An Inconvenient Truth received Best Documentary. I'm also glad to see that the Academy has finally honored Scorcese, even if The Departed is far from his best film (and certainly not the best film of 2006). Very pleased to hear that Alan Arkin got Best Supporting Actor, and how can I not be glad that Helen Mirren won (though I've not seen the film in question). Great news that the R&B yodeling from Dreamgirls lost out to Melissa Etheridge's song from An Inconvenient Truth, and I'm cool with Best Visual Effects going to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. But I am still angry that the very deserving Marie Antionette was all but shut out. Same with The Fountain and The Prestige.

Yesterday, saphfyre wrote:

I received my copy of Tales from the Woeful Platypus in the mail last week (damn waiting for things to get to Australia) and it is just as beautifully written as Frog Toes. So far i've read it in bed, and in church when forced to go to my cousins christening (much to my family's disgust), its the perfect size to carry around to read whenever one has a spare five minutes. My favorite story is still Untitled 17, but they're all amazing in their own ways.

To which I say I think she deserves the First Annual Brazen Platypus Award. And that one's gonna be hard to top. Or bottom.

And may I just please say how unspeakably sick I am of all this "Mercury in retrograde" nonsense? No, really. It's one thing to see stupid people saying stupid things. That's what stupid people do. That's why we have them. But it's another thing entirely when I see seemingly intelligent people blaming the relative positions of the Earth and Mercury for various aspects of their lives not going quite right. Mercury in retrograde, indeed. It would be less annoying and just as rational if they'd blame Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the ghost of Jesus Christ.*

Note that some of the eBay auctions end today, the ARCs for both From Weird and Distant Shores and Low Red Moon. So, if these items interest you, have a look. Thanks.

*Allowances are made for that which is purely ironical, natch.
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