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It's a Man Ray kind of sky.

My thanks to everyone who took time to offer comments to my second entry from Tuesday. Following the horticultural advice and directions of Paul Riddell (sclerotic_rings), we salvaged some branches and twigs and are now attempting to produce at least one viable clone of the tree. Spooky spent much of yesterday collecting willow cuttings, boiling willow bark, extracting salicyclic acid, refrigerating twigs, looking for Rootone or something of the sort, and etc. Today, the last of the tree is being taken down. Chainsaws, chainsaws, chainsaws. I am beginning to suspect that an insurance company is in back of this affair, and many of the other murdered tree stories I've been hearing. Anyway, right now our bathtub looks like this:

Yesterday, I wrote 2,053 words. Sunday, February 25th has been decided upon as the date on which the New Consolidated March shall at last reach THE END. Our goal is now in sight. There's just this one big hill before the finish. Then my life will belong to me once again.

Only a very short walk yesterday. The weather was fairly warm, but drizzly, and besides, I needed to get back to the March. There were starlings and robins everywhere, hundreds of them. I am intending a longer walk today.

eldritch00 asked: And oh, cf. the comment below, a collection of your SF? I think I missed that bit of news, too!

There has not yet been any sort of official announcement, but Subterranean Press will be doing my first collection of science fiction at some point in the nearish future. This is the book which was to be titled A is for Alien before Neil decided to call a collection M is for Magic. Now it might be called Bradbury Weather or Rumours of a Strange Universe. Anyway, this book might be ready by late 2008, I'm thinking. There are still many stories left to write.

Last night, after dinner, we read more of The Terror, reaching Rescue Camp at the southeastern corner of King William (Is)Land, and then we watched Howard Hawks delightful Ball of Fire (1941) on TCM, sort of a postscript to our recent Gary Cooper binge. I didn't get to sleep until sometime after 3:30 a.m.

Also, my thanks to all those who've sent me links to recent news articles regarding the near-earth asteroid (99942) Apophis. It should be noted that the Immaculate Order of the Falling Sky thinks that 1/45,000 are pretty good odds, all things considered, and is contemplating designating April 13, 2036 as our official tentative Doomsday. If I have not yet shuffled off this mortal coil, I shall have reached the age of -31 on that date, so I might even still be around to see the fireworks. All hail the coming biological reset and the dawn of the Postanthrozoic Era and Earth Mark III. Bring on the Big Space Rock. Yes, indeed.
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