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next stop, heck

Just something short because I have to be out of here in about an hour and on my way to deepest, darkest Alabama (shudder). If you're going to be in Birmingham tomorrow (I pity you), drop by the Birmingham Public Library for the Alabama Bound book fair. I'll be reading from Low Red Moon sometime between one and two p.m., and signing afterwards. Just don't complain because I say "mean things" about Birmingham or I'll have to kick you.

A very good quote from Jack Kerouac, apropos of everything: A true writer should be an observer and not go around being observed. Observing—that's the duty and oath of a writer.

Until tomorrow...


Apr. 27th, 2004 11:43 am (UTC)
Naw man, y'all got it all wrong about Cassidy. He transformed himself into something...Into a "commodity" that was sought after by the way he lived his life. He sacrificed everything to become the person that he was. The mere act of living ain't a work of art. Fuck. You call Keroac drinking himself to death sitting in his mother's kitchen a work of art? Of course you don't. The entire city full of canuks called "WOONSOCKET" would be a greater monument to "art" than the secession building in Wien if that were true. But Cassidy dying after trying to out-run a Locomotive? That's art.