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Raven Black

So, I'm off to bed in a moment or so, off to the Motel, but I wanted to remind everyone that only 10 hours & 28 mins remain in the Raven Black auction. The auction ends at 11:16 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. That's quite early for our auctions, so I thought perhaps this reminder might be helpful to those who wish to bid.

Poor Raven Black. Somehow in the transformation he was left with neither arms nor wings. This doesn’t stop him from being a very powerful wizard, though. It makes one wonder just what he might be hiding in that exceedingly long hood of his…Especially since he doesn’t seem to need the beaded implement the other ravens carry about their waists.

About the ravens: Some say they were wizards who wanted to be ravens, others claim to know for a fact that they are actually raven wizards who tried to become human wizards. Regardless, they are an odd and mysterious lot.

Spooky and I are extremely pleased with the outcome of the Raven Red auction, as is Raven Red, who is already busy packing his grimores, phials of pickled leech and eye of newt, and scrying glass in preparation for the Journey Ahead.

Okay. Bedtime for nixars and platypus alike.
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