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Addendum: The Ravens Four, Herzog, Vanity, & etc.

Well, actually, there probably is not "& etc.," but it looked good in the header. Maybe this explanation is, itself, the "& etc.," which makes a wonderful sort of loop.

As of this evening, three of the Ravens Four have bids. Only poor Raven Blue languishes unbid upon. I'm sure this situation will soon be remedied, but raven know how they get. Touchy beasts, that lot. So, yes, a reminder that the Ravens Four auctions continue apace. And by the way, anyone who wants to keep up with Spooky's wild pagan doll makin' exploits, have a look at squid_soup.

Speaking of Spooky, she's become quite taken with ditl, or "Day in the Life." She's done a few of them now, the most recent just yesterday. I'm in love with the swirly coffee and cream galaxy photo. The ichthyosaur pin, that's mine, of course. Have a look at her most recent ditl, if you're the curious sort. I think I may soon do a ditl of my own.

Some part of my mind continues to toy with Herzog's The Wild Blue Yonder, and, upon this further reflection, I've come to think what's most important about the film is not whether the Andromedan refugee is just a lunatic or the problems with the wonky science. What matters most about The Wild Blue Yonder is its very simple message: screw up this planet so badly humans cannot live here, and despite all your "science fiction fantasies," there's really nowhere else to go. Nowhere within reach. This is most cogently and poignantly expressed in Brad Dourif's rambling explanation of the vastness of space and the problems presented trying to reach even the nearest stars with conventional rocketry or at even a relatively significant fraction of the speed of light.

Oh, wait. There was an "& etc." after all. The thing about ditl. Though I haven't gotten around to vanity yet. Just wanted to say I was emphatically not fishing for either compliments or comments in this mornings post. Just talking, that's all. That's all this journal is, just me talking (but, yes, it's nice to know people are listening).

Okay. Now I must rest and amuse myself...
Tags: ditl, herzog, movies, ravens four, spooky's dolls

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