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She was, if you don't mind me saying so...

Yesterday was not so bad as days off go. Not so good, either. Just a day off. I might have had a good walk, except for the constant rain and the cold weather. We spent most of the day finishing Ironweed, which is at least as fine as I had remembered it being. Later, I collapsed in front of the television and watched. The new episode of Battlestar Galactica was nice. I felt it was losing steam for a while there, but it seems to have found its footing again. Saw the first ep of The Dresden Files, for which I'd had no expectations, and found it was actually pretty good, in a Joss Whedon/Hellblazer rip-off kind of way.It could have potential, if SciFi gives it a chance to grow. These days, few things or people get a chance to grow. We are all expected to hit the ground running, hot shit from day one, blockbuster or nothing.

Today, the weather remains bleak. At least the sun will be back tomorrow, even if the cold temps are gonna stick around.

I erred yesterday when I listed Tales from the Woeful Platypus as one of the books included in the subpress benefit 25%-off sale. For this I apologize.

Also, as long as I'm correcting myself, I said something here a few days back, probably in the comments section, to the effect that "Twelve Nights After" had not appeared on "Three Regrets and a Curse," the Death's Little Sister cassette from 1996. Wrong. I don't know what's up with my memory these days. "Twelve Nights After" did, in fact, appear on the tape.

Here's a new update on Daughter of Hounds (order now!!) from one Barnes and Noble in the Midwest, courtesy corucia:

I was back at the Barnes & Noble I mentioned previously, and did a quick survey for CRK books. The main science fiction section had been restocked; it still has DoH face-out, with two copies, and also had two copies of Threshold (I purchased the last one they had last week). The DoH display on the New Paperbacks table by the door was gone. However, you have a fan on staff at this B&N, as DoH was one of the two dozen 'Staff Picks' books - they're all set face-out on an aisle end a few rows in from the main entrance. So, all in all, still a good showing at this B&N.

I can only hope similar scenarios are being played out across the country. Oh, and this just in from my editor at Penguin: More great news! Daughter of Hounds is still riding high at #32 on the [B&N] SF/F trade list.

Only nine days remaining until Imbolc. Even if it's only a symbolic heralding of spring (which might yet be a month or two away), it's better than nothing. Better than January. Lately, my thoughts are much occupied with magick, dreams, a personal inability to establish or define a reference point for Reality, and the primacy of Nature. I need to push away this stagnation. I need to push away. I realized last night that I've stopped talking about magick and neopaganism in the journal. That might be for the best.

Anyway, time to start this day. Back to work, though not yet back to writing. Other writing-related things must be attended to this day. Which means I get to wrestle with eBay and PhotoShop for the next few hours. Yippee.
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