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Oh, lets ride and ride and ride and ride...

When I was a kid — in fifth grade, I think — my mother had a Tiny Tim 8-track that I was utterly infatuated with. Yeah, the weird goes back a'ways. Anyhow, lately I've been trying to recall one particular song, which has been skittering about on the very edge of recollection, half in and half out of memory. Turns out, the song is "The Other Side," though I still don't know the name of the album, maybe God Bless Tiny Tim, and the refrain, which I was almost, but not quite, remembering goes:

The ice caps are melting,
Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa.
All the world is drowning,
Ha ha ha ha haaaaa.
The ice caps are melting,
The tide is rushing in.
All the world is drowning,
To wash away our sins.

So, there I was in 1975 listening to this song, finding all sorts of innocent, maniacal childhood delight in it, and here I am thirty-two or so years later watching it happen. To wit:

Europe reels as storms kill at least 47

"If we don't get climate change under control, winter's just going to get worse," said Joern Ehlers, spokesman for the World Wide Fund For Nature.

Still, David Viner, a senior scientist at the Climatic Research Unit at Britain's University of East Anglia, said it was nearly impossible to hold climate change responsible for any one storm.

"A mid-Atlantic depression like we had yesterday, we can't say exactly that global warming has anything to do with it," he said, adding that climate change was still likely to be bad news.

"The bottom line is that global warming will result in more intense storms in the long run," he said.

Also, from Scientific American:

Swordfish and jellyfish thrive in warm N. Atlantic


Heatwave summers will become the norm

And finally:

'Extreme heat' predicted for London by 2050

Tonight I don't even feel like being my usual glib, smart-ass self about these things. It just makes me sad, and sort of sick, and I think maybe Tiny Tim deserves at least as much credit as Jesus and Mohammad and Moses and whoever else the patrifocal religious types tout as prophets.

And the future sucks.

Go to bed, Caitlín.
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