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I wrote 1,660 words yesterday.

Also yesterday, Vince sent a really wonderful first study for his illustration for "The Sphinx's Kiss," a new story which will be appearing in Sirenia Digest 14, the January issue (subscribe, kiddos). I told Vince I loved it, that he was headed in exactly the right direction, and e-mailed him some reference material. And, also also yesterday, the gift of the "kindly but anonymous ichthyologist," the spare iBook, arrived safe and sound, so Spooky is, as she says, now "back among the living." This means, among other things, the website redesign can resume and we can get the eBay auctions going again.

There was no walk, but I did at least get out of the house. I went to the market with Spooky and to Videodrome, to find something for Kindernacht. We settled on the Pang Bros. Gawi wik (Re-Cycle; 2006). I'd not been impressed by The Eye (2002) and had not even bothered with The Eye 2 (2004). And at first, I thought we'd scored a dud with Re-Cycle. The beginning is slow and muddy and poorly focused, snagging up on lots of Asian horror movie clichés. I actually dozed. Then, about half an hour in, Re-Cycle takes off, becoming something else entirely, sort of Alice in Wonderland as reimagined by Dante Alighieri, the journey of a writer lost in a universe populated by her own abandoned ideas — indeed, by everything humanity has ever abandoned. The story remains murky, but the fundamental concept and the visuals are truly magnificent and worth the ride. Think キャシャーン (Casshern; 2004), and, visually, you'll be in the ballpark (though, truthfully, Casshern is, far and away, a much better film than Re-Cycle). Anyway, we followed it with The Craft (1996), which is one of those films that it's odd I'd never seen. Some part of me badly wanted to hate this film. But I could not. The Lost Boys for lost girls, so how could I not love it. Add in Fairuza Balk in a splendidly campy performance. If The Craft is guilty of any particularly serious crime, it's only that it makes Wicca look like a lot more fun than it actually is. So, all in all, a good Kindernacht.

The second bird of Spooky's Ornithaceous Period is finished, and you can see it at squid_soup. This one will be going to eBay, she says, and there have already been inquiries by one or two interested parties.

Meanwhile, if you have not already ordered Daughter of Hounds, please do so. I found this "bookstore report" from corucia in the comments to yesterday's entry encouraging:

I was at our local Barnes & Noble tonight. They had one copy left of the Threshold MMP, which I bought, but there was space on the shelf where a few more had obviously been. Next to it was one copy of Daughter of Hounds, face-out. This store usually does face-outs with at least five copies, so it's likely that they've sold at least four from that shelf. On the way out I luckily noticed that they also had Daughter of Hounds on one of the 'New Release' tables in front of the exit. These tables all have a shelf coming up off the center of the table - Daughter of Hounds was on the top of that shelf, once again face-out and once again with only one copy remaining out of a likely five to six initial pack.

I can only hope this scenario is being repeated in hundreds upon hundreds of bookshops across the country. Don't forget, Amazon is offering Daughter of Hounds together with the mmp of Threshold for only $18.19, delivered to your doorstep.

Postscript (1:22 p.m. CaST) — I've had a couple of people ask me if, in last night's meme, I made a spelling error when writing out Nar'eth ni'glecti Mericale and Tai'lah ni'glicti Mericale. That is, ni'glecti vs. ni'glicti. The answer is no. The phrase ni'glecti translates from the Nebari roughly as "first born of," while the phrase ni'glicti translates as "second (or later) born of." A first-born child is ni'glecti; all who follow are ni'glicti.
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