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all your sins are hooked upon the sky's this meme thing I snurched from derekcfpegritz, although I no doubt have better things to be doing at 1:34 sleeping.

Layer 1
On the Outside
Name: Depends on context: Caitlín R. Kiernan, Nar'eth ni'glecti Mericale, Tai'lah ni'glicti Mericale, Aliesha Palance, Algeria Touchshriek, Scheraz-Odd, and Those Others...
Birth Date: A rude question. Check Wikipedia.
Current Status: More awake than I ought to be.
Eye Color: Black (the human contacts are hazel green, though)
Hair Color: This week?
Righty or Lefty: Righty.
Zodiac Sign: Gemini to the nth degree.

Layer 2
On the Inside
Your Heritage: Irish, English, French, Native American, Nebari.
Your Fears: Are for me to know.
Your Weaknesses: Food. Sex. Action figures. Phylogenetic systematics. Velvet.
Your Perfect Pizza: Italian sausage, green olives, and mushrooms.

Layer 3
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: Wait...
Your Bedtime: 2-3 a.m.
Your most missed memory: What?

Layer 4
Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
McDonald’s or Burger King: I'm all better now.
Adidas or Nike: Converse.
Lipton tea or Nestea: Red Rose.
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla. That one always gets 'em.
Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee. Strong. Sweet and light.

Layer 5
Do you
Smoke: Not lately.
Curse: Frell yeah.

Layer 6
In the Past Month
Gone to the mall: No.
Been on stage: No. Thank goodness.
Eaten sushi: Yep.
Dyed your hair: Er...soon. I promise.

Layer 7
Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game: You have not lived until you've played strip Risk.
Changed who you were to fit in: Yeah, but the bodies always wear out anyway.

Layer 8
Age you’re hoping to be married: This thing was devised by a teenager. You can tell.

Layer 9
In a Girl/Guy (cisgendered tip-off)
Best eye color: Black or extremely light blue or deep red.
Best hair color: White or black or a certain shade of lavender.
Short or long hair: Yeah, or even bald.

Layer 10
What Were You Doing
1 minute ago: This dumb meme.
1 hour ago: Watching a DVD.
1 month ago: hating Xmas.
1 year ago: The first guess doesn't count.

Layer 11
Finish the sentence
I love: Starbuck (and will write my own CRK/Starbuck slash, thank you).
I feel: Overstimulated.
I hate: Creationists, Republicans, racists, sexists, homophobes, Capitalism, Ayn Rand, football — mix and match.
I hide: beneath the bed.
I miss: a lot of people. Athens. 1994.
I need: more stability, a bestseller, longer days, sleep.

Layer 12
Tag 10 people: Do it yourself.

P.S. — Buy Daughter of Hounds. It'll make the blind see, the lame walk, and the indifferent look the other way.
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