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More on Turiasaurus

I've been trying to find more images online of the new sauropod dinosaur from Spain, Turiasaurus riodevensis. I came up with three. The first two aren't so hot, quality-wise, but do give a sense of scale. The third, from CBS, is of the forelimb that was found articulated, and it's quite nice. They're all behind the cut:

Humerus (upper forelimb) before reconstruction.

A cervical (neck) vertebra. Note actual human person for scale.

The complete forelimb: humerus, radius, ulna, and manus. Note the ungual claw.

We are undoubtedly living in a new Golden Age of dinosaur discoveries. Largely, this is the result of extensive field work in parts of the globe that were previously poorly explored. Just the last couple of years alone, there have been so many new taxa I can't keep up (though I try). Just among the sauropods! For example, there's the extremely weird short-neck dicraeosaurid Brachytrachelopan mesai from Patagonia. There's the dwarf sauropod Europasaurus holgeri from Germany. There's the extraordinarily long-necked Erketu ellisoni from Mongolia. And there are others, some not yet named or formally described. And that's just the sauropods. Never mind the new theropods and ornithischians.

Awesome stuff.
Tags: new dinosaurs, paleo, sauropods, turiasaurus

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