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Howard Hughes vs. The Elements

So. It's 6:30 ayem (CaST; 5:30 EST), and I'm standing in our basement, in water up to my ankles. And yes, that's how Solstice began this year. Spooky woke me about half an hour before, as she'd been awakened by some peculiar roaring sound. As it turns out, that was the torrent pouring from the hot-water heater. By the time we got downstairs, there was a lake. A small lake, yes, but a lake, nonetheless. Wet and pissed off, I came back upstairs while Spooky found the correct valve and shut off the water. Our landlord arrived sometime afterwards, before dawn, I think. In some places, there was more than a foot of standing water. Right now, we're waiting on whoever's coming to pump out the basement. The heat's off, which means it's mostly freezing in here, since this couldn't have happened last week when it was warm. And the water's off. No heat. No water. No viewscreens, no surveillance, no freezers, no fuckin' ice cream, no guns, no rubbers, no women, all we got here is shit. Okay, well maybe it's not quite that bad. Yet. But after the theft of Tuesday, a minor basement deluge and the attendant chaos on Thursday morning is quite a bit more than enough crap for one week, thank you very frelling much. We've mostly canceled our Solstice plans.

Oh. Wait. There's a commotion directly below my office which sounds like the floor may collapse at any moment.

Now its stopped.

Spooky took some photos for the insurance people. I'd post them, only I'm too tired and annoyed to be bothered. Sadly they were all taken after the water was shut off, so the mighty cataract itself has not been recorded for posterity.

I did manage to finish "The Voyuer in the House of Glass" yesterday afternoon. The story came in at 4,858 words, and it's an odd story, a bit more disturbing than I'd expected it to be when I began.

I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to transfer the entirety of my journal at Blogger to Typepad? Does anyone know? LJ would remain the main journal, with Typepad replacing Blogger as a mirror. I looked around the site yesterday and liked what I saw, but could not find an answer to this question.

I've been getting e-mails from people asking if they can help out in the wake of the iBook theft. Truthfully, the best thing you can do right now is subscribe to Sirenia Digest, bid in the current eBay auctions, or pre-order Daughter of Hounds. Or all three. Or hey, just send cash. Cash is always good. At any rate, the kind words were much appreciated yesterday, especially by Spooky.

I'm not sure what's to become of today. There will be no writing, I fear. And today will get an L, though it won't be my fault. Perhaps we'll go to a movie. Perhaps I'll just go back to bed. Poor Spooky, I think she's had maybe six hours sleep spread over the last two nights.


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Dec. 21st, 2006 09:31 pm (UTC)
I've used Typepad since just before it came out of beta (over three years ago). I've found it to be a fantastic service. If the above link doesn't answer all of your questions, or if the importing goes awry, don't hesitate to email the help staff at Typepad. They've always responded incredibly quickly to my questions and are usually able to help fix any problems. After using the service for three years I can officially say it's been the most stable and easy blogging service I've ever used (and I've used LJ, Blogger, Open Diary, and Greymatter (which is an old CGI scipt based blog).
Dec. 21st, 2006 09:33 pm (UTC)
I am really glad you had the opportunity to turn the water off. Having been through what happens when a hot water heater bursts while you are away for a weekend, I shudder and sympathise. (And yes, it was [sarcasm]exactly the sort of thing you needed right now[/sarcasm]...)
Dec. 21st, 2006 10:59 pm (UTC)
Damn, that is suckage upon suckage. Make sure the landlord has heaters and dehumidifiers going in the basement until the place is totally dry. The noise will be horrendous, but it's better than mold and fungus and other scary stuff growing about the place. Hope you didn't have much stored down there.

A few years ago, the refill hose to the toilet tank in the upstairs hall bathroom broke and water spewed for about 30 minutes - until I realized the noise wasn't from one of my housemates filling the tub. We lost the carpet in the hall and on the stairs, the walls and ceiling in the downstairs dining room had to be removed down to the framing, and the hardwood floor in the living room warped. Evidently, the house slants towards the street and all the water ended up in there. Took about a week to dry out the place and much longer for the landlord from hell to complete the repairs (badly). Then he sued me for damaging the place - the judge smacked him in the head and tossed the case. I still rent from him. I am an idiot.
Dec. 22nd, 2006 05:40 am (UTC)
But after the theft of Tuesday, a minor basement deluge and the attendant chaos on Thursday morning is quite a bit more than enough crap for one week, thank you very frelling much.

Gods. Maybe you oughta look into getting a job as a casino cooler? Really, jeez, I don't know what to say. Sorry about the universe.
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