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Many long months ago, I pulled down my website in a great fit of annoyance at the mess it had become. I'd planned to redesign and get the new site up immediately. Yeah, right. Never do today what you don't have time to do yesterday, today, or tomorrow. But it is becoming clear to me that the site needs to go back up, so. With help from Sissy (scarletboi) and Spooky, I hope to have the new and not so cluttered site up in the next few weeks. Stay tun'd.

I wrote 1,006 words yesterday.

Early yesterday afternoon, the postman brought one copy each of Daughter of Hounds and the new mass-market paperback of Threshold. And so, some number of weeks before I'd expected to, I found myself holding actual finished books for each. It's always disappointingly anticlimactic, having the book in hand. I think that, for me, that climax of completion comes when I've finished the ms., not when I hold the book. But. They are both, on the whole, nice-looking volumes. There was a fairly major screw-up with the Threshold mmp. The dedication page and author's note are both missing. I don't know how it happened. I'm assuming they were left out of the galleys that were sent to me to proof, and when I proofed them a year ago, I just didn't notice. Of course, as soon as I opened the actual book, their absence is the first thing that I saw. I suppose I'll put the author's note up online somewhere. I take full responsibility. Anyway, it is good to see Daughter of Hounds in book form, two and a half years after I began work on it. By the way, thanks to everyone who preordered yesterday. The sales rating on made it at least as high as 14,882 (it's dropped a bit by now). If you haven't yet pre-ordered, please do so today. Thanks.

Also yesterday, there was more tinkering about with Sirenia Digest 12. About nine p.m. (CaST) last night, we read over "The Lovesong of Lady Ratteanrufer" one last time, because I knew there were still a few words that weren't quite right. Subscribers should look for the new issue tomorrow afternoon or in the early evening. And if you haven't subscribed, that's easy enough to fix. Just click here, read the FAQ, etc. Last night, Vince sent me the final illustrations for "Still Life" and "Excerpt from Memoirs of a Martian Demirep", and they are perfect and gorgeous. These are for Tales from the Woeful Platypus, of course. Also, Vince has agreed to continue illustrating Sirenia Digest in 2007, which was very good news, indeed.

Last night, we watched Jeff Feuerzeig's 2005 documentary on Daniel Johnston, which was excellent. I read more Pynchon — in which young master Nathanael McClean of Williamsburg endures the temptations and tribulations of the Maryland/Pennsylvania wilderness. Also read another chapter of The Two Towers, "Helm's Deep." I cannot now recall any of my dreams from last night, which is a Good Thing.

As for Thanksgiving, well, on the one hand, I've not been feeling especially thankful for anything much lately, and if I were, I'd likely be content to thank Spooky or Byron or some other mere mortal. Also, I must admit I have no use whatsoever for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and even less for football (that is American football, not soccer, though I have no use for that, either). And we already did our "harvest" celebration at Samhain. Moreover, there is no familial gathering to attend. However, on the other hand, it's hard to pass up an excuse to indulge in an excessively large meal, so we will be cooking something special this evening. Otherwise, it's just another Thursday here at Casa de Kiernan y Pollnac. Which is to say, it's time to make the doughnuts.
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