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So, cranking up the way-back machine, here are the first three photos from the box beneath the bed. I have placed them behind the cut:

February or March 1996. Little Kettle Creek, Wilkes Co., Georgia. Looking for Ice-Age fossils (Late Pleistocene). It was a cloudy, windy day. The air was cold. The water was freezing. I was a mere 31-years old.

Autumn (?October) 1997. I was at Columbus College in Columbus, Georgia preparing a mosasaur skeleton from Kansas (Platecarpus cf. P. planifrons). Here, though, I'm goofing off in the lab with an alligator skull.

Again, Autumn '97 at Columbus College. Sitting in the hallway behind the vert paleo' lab with a plaster cast of a medium-sided mosasur skull (Tylosaurus proriger) from the Kansas chalk.

Not sure just what you'll be getting next. Maybe the Algonquin Hotel in NYC, July '97. We'll see.
Tags: old photos, paleo

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