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new eBay: Daughter of Hounds ARC and Alabaster lettered w/doll

So, after two wonderful months away from the increasingly annoying world of eBay, we're back with a pair of special auctions. The first is an authorized auction of one of the advance-reading copies of Daughter of Hounds. The second is for a copy of the previously unannounced lettered state of Alabaster, which is being auctioned with Spooky's latest doll — the green-haired boy who brings Dancy the bottle in "Les Fleurs Empoisonnées — and a copy of the "Highway 97" chapbook. All books come signed and can be personalized at the buyers request. The doll comes with Spooky's maker mark plus my initials.

I do not expect to be able to offer another copy of the Daughter of Hounds ARC, and obviously the Alabaster auction is a one-of-a-kind affair.

The lettered state of Alabaster was never offered (or even mentioned) by Subterranean Press, and the 26 copies, A-Z, were split between me and subpress. I got N-Z (thank you, Bill), and I'm keeping Z for myself, which means the winning bidder gets to choose from N-Y.

Here are the links:

Daughter of Hounds ARC

Alabaster lettered with doll and chapbook

Meanwhile, I'm sick as a dog. A sick dog.
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