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Election Day

We've voted, though I must, reluctantly, admit that it seemed a fairly futile endeavor. Likely, Republicans shall carry the day here in Georgia, and even if they do not...well, we are talking Georgia politics. It's not like either side would want anything to do with the likes of me or mine. Frankly, I try to keep politics out of the LJ/Blog these days. I figure, having a) already publicly defected from the human race and b) spending so much energy trying to will the big space rock down from the skies to wipe this place clean, I'm best off keeping my mouth shut. It's not apathy. It is absolutely not apathy; just a biding sense that I have nothing to say that's relevant, that, for good or ill, I have placed myself beyond the parameters of the debate. But still, I voted anyway, straight Dem, because I figure a mostly futile poke at big E with the pointy stick of little e is better than having no poke at all.

That said...

Not much to report about yesterday. Sonya and I exchanged numerous e-mails, looking for the story. 1930s, not 1940s. The correspondence of a paternal aunt with a friend or former lover. At least, that's how it seems right now. I read back over "Houses Under the Sea," to be sure my head was in the space where Jacova Angevine waits.

I appear to have picked up a cold, most likely when we braved the hoardes of girl scouts for a day at Fernbank. It seemed that at least a third of them were sneezing and coughing, and in the IMAX theatre there was a particularly sick child directly behind us. Zinc swabs, hot tea, megadoses of Vitamin C, herbal lozenges, etc., but I still feel like ass. Most of yesterday is a blur of sore throat. And the insomnia persists.

Oh, and we have rain, so no walk today. Ah, well. I can still pace.
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