greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

(Do you get the gist of this song now?)

So, as promised earlier, and at the expense of my unblemished reputation as a paragon of all that is wholesome, scandelous elf pr0n. Exclusive to LJ, by the way, because I'm too tired to bother crossposting this to MySpace and Blogger. Behind the cut. Big photos. You've been warned. I'd turn back now, if I were you...

Blurry, but I just really like this shot.

Wait, you ask. Where's the pr0n? What's this silly ren fair dren?!

Is this better? I wonder if there's a Sindarin word for "smut"?

Later on. In the bathroom (note the rubber ducky). Do those look like fake horns to you?

Postscript: For some reason, we had a particularly hard time matching the prosthetics to my skin tone last night, and the photos made it worse. Ah, well...
Tags: costuming, elf pr0n, halloween
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