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reality asleep

Last night we went to bed remarkably early, just after mdnight. I put Reptilicus in Spooky's iBook, but was asleep in only ten or fifteen minutes. It was a long sleep for me, a full eight hours. And, of course, it was filled with dreams. They blur together, as days blur together. But this one I remember almost in its entirety.

I dreamt that I was back in Providence, only it was winter and bitterly cold. I was dressed in a long wool coat lined in thick grey fur, though I was barefoot. The trees were black against a sky the colour of thunderstorms. I was walking alone down some street that wasn't Benefit Street, trying to find a cross street that would take me west to Benefit, but having no luck. All the cross streets were one way west to east, and I had some inexplicable fear of walking the wrong way on a one-way street. I was distinctly aware that I was not alone, though I couldn't see who was walking with me. I would stop and look back the way I've come, but the street would be empty. I finally paused by a tiny apple tree growing beside a great Georgian house (this tree is "real," located on Benefit Street). Despite the winter, the apple tree was green and had a few small green apples. "They'll give you a bellyache," Spooky warned (though she wasn't there), so I didn't pick one, but started walking again, instead. A shadow like a gigantic bird swept quickly across the street, and I looked up. But there were only clouds above me. When I looked down at the sidewalk again, all the old bricks buckled and broken by time and the roots of trees, there was writing there. Someone had written algebraic equations in white chalk. I stepped over and between them, careful not to smudge the chalk with my feet. When I looked up again, when I'd passed the southernmost equation, there was a man standing at the corner. I can remember little about him, though I do recall that he was wearing a fedora. And I was suddenly very, very frightened, but knew that I couldn't run back across the numbers, that the equations didn't flow that way, or I wasn't that good a mathematician, and then the man vanished, and I was alone again. I walked on, until I reached a frozen river winding its way through the city. There was a girl skating on the dark ice. There was music from the open window of a nearby house, music that sounded like a music box. And I woke up.

There will be a preview of the forthcoming Farscape: Peacekeeper War tonight on the SFC, during Stargate: SG-1. I'm wondering if I can endure however much of the latter is required, just to reach the former.

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