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Howard Hughes loves her coffee.

And she loves it light and sweet, as they say in Rhode Island.

Now, here's some very cool news. Frank Woodward is filming a documentary on H. P. Lovecraft and has asked if he can interview me for the film. Of course, I said yes. The film will also include interviews with Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, Guillermo Del Toro, Stuart Gordon, Peter Straub, and S. T. Joshi. They offered to fly me to LA, but I said I would much prefer to do the interview here in Atlanta, perhaps at my home or the Fernbank Museum or maybe the Botanical Gardens. So, Frank and his crew will be coming here in January. I am flattered and very happy to be a part of this project, and I will pass along details as they become available.

Before I forget, fans of The Adventures of Boschen and Nesuko take note. setsuled is now offering Zai'Pi T-shirts and tank tops, as seen on the lovely Nesuko in the latest installment. Eleven styles from which to choose Just click here. I believe I'll be getting the tank top, and Spooky's talking about getting the cap sleeve T (black caps; "Your shoulders flush with mollusc affection."). Everyone should follow our example, of course, as we all must love the snail.

I think I am going to begin geocaching.

In other news, the writing went well yesterday, much to my surprise. I thought I'd not get a word written, because I was still having to deal with exactly what Penguin needed on the Emily Dickinson quotes and how they needed it sent. My fax machine is still dead, so Spooky finally had to go out to fax to the photocopies. So, she got no work done on the latest doll. But now all is taken care of, and I get the epigraphs in Daughter of Hounds (please preorder today, and don't forget, Amazon is offering DoH together with the trade hardcover of Alabaster for only $27.70). Also, we renewed the lease on this place yesterday, so we're here for another year. There was just too much work to try to make the move to New England this winter. Maybe next year. Maybe.

We had a nice twilight walk in Freedom Park, and Spooky found a mummified mouse, which she carried around on a dead leaf until I made her put it down. We saw a hawk, as well. Then last night we watched the director's cut of Richard Stanley's Dust Devil. As all good aficionados of obscure creepy films know, the studio cut Dust Devil up pretty mercilessly when it was originally released in 1992. Here, at last, we have something that at least begins to approach the film which Stanley intended us to see. And, for the most part, it is an amazing and disquieting thing. A great deal of the film's effectiveness comes from the bleak Namibian locations and from Simon Boswell's superb soundtrack. Zakes Mokae is splendid as the haunted Ben Mukurob, and for the most part, the casting and acting is good. I think, however, that my only major gripe with the film is that Robert John Burke, the actor chosen to play the supernatural being of the title, was entirely too Clint Eastwood, though I know that's exactly what Stanley was after. Still, Dust Devil is a terribly underappreciated classic, a masterpiece of mood and setting, of light and sound. Thirteen years after seeing the original, it still shook me up. Check it out. Dust Devil: The Final Cut. Oh, and watching an interview with Stanley that was on the disc I learned of the existence of a 16mm prequel to Hardware (1990), which I'd not even known existed. I will track it down, by gods.

It's chilly here today.

After the movie, I crawled away to bed with one of the Mars books I'm currently reading. The story for The Dinosaurs of Mars hasn't quite come together in my head. I know the basic concept: while exploring Victoria Crater, the Opportunity rover comes, inexplicably, upon the unfossilized bones of Cretaceous dinosaurs weathering from a sand dune. But what I cannot quite figure out is how the story will be told. Anyway, I read a bit about Giovanni Schiaparelli and Percival Lowell and the "canals" of Mars. I fell asleep about three, my head filled with images of towering red, volcanic plateaus and cold pink skies.
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