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No platypus left behind.

The insomnia was a monster again. A great purple monster shot through with shimmering streaks of oily blackness. I finally took Ambien about four a.m. and fell asleep shortly thereafter and did not awaken until almost eleven thirty. That's more than six hours. I should count my "blessings".

Yesterday, I wrote 1,039 words and finished "Still Life." That means that I'm pretty much finished with Tales from the Woeful Platypus. I need to read through all the pieces and do whatever tweaking needs to be done. I need to write the acknowledgments and afterword and suchlike, lay the whole thing out in the form of a single manuscript. Vince is working on the illustrations. Here's the finalized Table of Contents (though the order of the vignettes/stories is subject to change):

1. "Pony"
2. "pas-en-arrière"
3. "Untitled 17"
4. "Untitled 20"
5. "Daughter of Man, Mother of Wyrm"
6. "Forests of the Night"
7. "The Garden of Living Flowers"
8. "Still Life"
9. (limited ed. only) "Excerpt from Memoirs of a Martian Demirep"

Also, those who purchase the limited edition will receive The Black Alphabet, bound as a chapbook. And I have just been informed by Subterranean Press that you may now, as of this morning, order Tales from the Woeful Platypus, which is scheduled for a January 2007 release. Just click here.

Spooky's trying to recover from some mild bug, and I'm afraid I'm fighting a losing battle trying not to contract it, Or maybe it's just allergies. We'll see.

She's making good progress on a new doll, which you may see at squid_soup. It's to be the green-haired boy from "Les Fleurs Empoisonnées," the one who offers dancy the bottle. He will be going to eBay once she's done.

I just realized that I forgot to call Bernie yesterday. Argh.

Wow. I have three books slated for a January 2007 release date: Daughter of Hounds, the new mass-market paperback of Threshold, and now Tales from the Woeful Platypus.

I'm still in Chapter 7 of Drakengaard 2, trying to defeat Caim before he offs Ulrick (which is noble and all, but seems kind of pointless). At least I rescued Manah.

More later, perhaps. Time to write...
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