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Depressing Late-Nite Science!

Well, on the bright side, we get new islands. So what if all the polar bears are drowning. I'm sure President Asshole and Co. have paid some neocon think tank to demonstrate a link between polar bears, homosexuality, and Islamic terrorism.

Meanwhile, a diverse new marine fauna has been discovered off the coast of Indonesia, including a previously unknown species of shark that "walks on its fins and a shrimp that looks like a praying mantis." They may all be extinct by the time biologists can get around to naming and describing them, as their habitat is "under danger from fishermen who use dynamite and cyanide to net their catches." But that's okay, too. Remember. We get new Arctic real estate.

Closer to home, the "EPA plans to close labs, drop scientists and reduce oversight." Which is to say, if we do not pay scientists to point out how humans are frelling up the place, then we also won't have to pay anyone to enforce those pesky environmental protection laws, and we'll get even more new Arctic Real Estate, and there will be more money with which to bomb Iraq (and Iran) and those gay Islamic polar bears will never even know what hit 'em.

I'm going to bed now.
Tags: new islands, polar bears, president asshole, walking sharks

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