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The Fisherman at Watch Hill Point

This morning I realised that I'd never gotten around to posting any of the photos from our last full day in Rhode Island, other than those of the missing Lovecraft Tree. It was Sunday, August 20th, and late in the day we drove back to Westerly and Watch Hill, all the way out to the lighthouse at Watch Hill Point. The sun was setting quickly. There was a lone fisherman out on the rocks, perched rather precariously on a half-submerged boulder. The tide was coming in. I took a few photos of him, and he noticed and waved. In all our time in RI, he was the only Very Cute Guy I'd seen, cute in a young Harrison Ford sort of way. Guys don't do it for me nearly as easily as the girls, so that's not surprising. Then we walked about the point. I spotted the cephalothorax of a horseshoe crab and decided it was a keeper. Spooky climbed down the rocks and retrieved it for me, pulling it from a tangle of seaweed. Then we headed back over to the car. The cute fisherman had abandoned his perch and was standing at the seawall with a few other anglers. We got in the car, and then, to my horror, he came over and started talking to us. Though it may be hard to believe, I have moments of morbid shyness when I lock up and can't say a frelling word. Fortunately, Spooky has no such predilection, and she talked to him while I sat there blushing and nodding my head and feeling like a total idiot. He'd thought maybe we were taking photos for a magazine story. He even flirted. Sheesh. Anyway, more behind the cut:

Also, here's a wonderful thing: Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys, a two-disc set, 43 tracks, including contributions by Bono, Sting, Gavin Friday, Nick Cave, Joseph Arthur, Bryan Ferry, and Lou Reed. Thanks to eldritch00 for bringing it to my attention!
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