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No power in the 'verse...

This afternoon, I find myself in the mood to make an entry, but oddly bereft of some or another suitable topic. And I suppose I could write for an hour about having nothing particularly about which to write, but there are probably other things I should be doing instead.

Perhaps, later today I shall become more garrulous.

The sun is coming and going, as there are a few clouds. Leafy patterns appear and vanish on the roof next door, outside my window.

I still have not cleaned my office.


I wanted to say that you can still order Daughter of Hounds and Alabaster together from Amazon.com for a mere $27.70. Because. You know. I'm only thinking of what's best for the platypus.


Sep. 12th, 2006 05:19 am (UTC)
Re: Actually on subject for once...sort of.
p.s. The answer is: "a coffin"?

I am not presently at liberty to say...