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Details on Low Red Moon lettered.

As promised earlier today, here are some additional images of the PC copy of the lettered edition of Subterranean Press' 2004 edition of Low Red Moon. Note that the book is bound in red leather and, as you can see, comes with a matching traycase. The book comes signed and can be personalized upon request. Only 26 copies of this state of the edition were sold (and all were sold out upon publication) and very few PC copies exist. At no extra charge, the winning bidder will also receive a copy of the ARC of the subpress edition. The photos are behind the cut (but the platypus compels you TO LOOK!):

Click here to see the Low Red Moon auction page and, if you are so disposed and motivated, to bid. Unexpected expenses and all, you know. I thank you, Spooky thanks you, and the platypus most assuredly thanks you. Also, note that there are copies of The Dry Salvages and The Five of Cups presently up on our eBay page. Auctions end tomorrow.
Tags: ebay, lrm, the platypus

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