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Ernesto Downgrades (for now)

Yesterday, Spooky and I proofed Chapters Five and Six of Daughter of Hounds. At this rate, we should finish up with it on Wednesday, if we can do two chapters today and another two tomorrow, as well. Unfortunately, late last night, I began to feel somewhat under the weather. Turns out, I was running a low fever, which is still with me this morning. Spooky's been feeling bad since we got home last Tuesday, but I'd hoped it was only exhaustion and allergies. Now, it seems she may have picked something up on the way back, and I may have caught it. This will be the first time I've been genuinely sick since September '04. I detest being sick. It pisses me off. And these days it happens so infrequently, I'm out of practice.

As I type, Sirenia Digest 9 is being PDFed and will be going out to subscribers later this afternoon. And if you're not a subscriber, you damn well ought to be.

There is a diatribe ripening here behind my eyes, fomenting in my skull. It's an old, old gripe — the assumption by so many that popularity equals quality. The belief that those things which succeed are necessarily those things which are good, when, in fact, very often the opposite is true. It's a vile, pernicious myth, one which I passionately loathe. But it's not yet ready to be written out. It's been coming on for some time, since well before I learned of the cancellation of Deadwood. Perhaps later this week, if I can spare the time and energy.

Last night's episode of Deadwood was excellent, and I was glad that it ended without the cliffhanger I'd expected. Yes, there are threads left to be tied off, but it could have been much, much worse. Afterwards, we watched an episode of Firefly ("Serenity Pt. 1"), then watched Deadwood again at midnight. Before bed, I read Don Webb's "To Providence and Mars."

Llar'en, do you still have the same e-mail addy? Yes, I did see the wiki prototype, and I liked it. We should talk.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. The leather-bound edition of Low Red Moon, the trades of The Dry Salvages and The Five of Cups. Thanks!
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