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Riverbend Cemetery

We didn't spend a lot of time in cemeteries this month. Our last trip to Rhode Island and Massachusetts, back in '04, it seemed we spent half our time in cemeteries. But then Daughter of Hounds is much concerned with graveyards, and I suspect Joey LaFaye will have little to say on the subject. One of the few we visited this time was Riverbend Cemetery in Westerly, on Pawcatuck River (RI/CT line), off Beach Street, before it meets up with East Avenue and becomes Watch Hill Road. Most of the graves are 19th Century or younger. We stopped by on July 30th, during the heat wave, and it was really too hot to be out beneath the sun, with hardly a bit of shade in sight. But I have some photos (behind the cut). The interior mausoleum shots were taken by holding the camera through iron grates set into the doors; the stained glass was beautifully backlit by the sun.

The cemetery, looking west towards the Pawcatuck and Connecticut.

The cemetery, looking south towards Thompson Cove and the Westerly Yacht Club.

Unidentified lichen (?Rhizocarpon sp.) on granite.

Abby J. (looking east).

Inside one of the cemetery's mausoleums.

Detail of stained-glass window.

Another stained glass, inside another mausoleum.

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All photographs copyright © 2006 by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Kathryn A. Pollnac
Tags: cemeteries, doh, joey lafaye, rhode island, travel

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