greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

...and back again. (argh)

We arrived back in Atlanta last night, safe and more or less sound. Unfortunately, our DSL and telephone are both out, and the service guy won't be around until sometime tomorrow. I'm making this entry from a Windows box at the Decatur Public Library. Dude, it's a Dell. Anyway...all Sirenia Digest subscribers please note, this is going to delay the digest another day or two. I'm very, very sorry. Please be patient. I'll throw a little something extra into the issue to make up for the delay. As soon as the DSL's up again, sending out the digest will be our very first order of business.

Meanwhile, I've got to go back home now and get started on the Daughter of Hounds galleys...
Tags: outages, sirenia, travel

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