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Eight is away.

By now, everyone ought to have received Sirenia Digest No. 8. As always, comments are welcome and encouraged.

I just noticed that Amazon is offering Daughter of Hounds paired with docbrite's latest, Soul Kitchen, the both for only $21.94. I call it a peculiar and yet fortuitous and flattering pairing, and you should take advantage of it while the offer lasts.'s registration expires on September 6th. It's hard to believe that it will have been four years. I am dithering as to whether I shall renew the domain. I've had so little spare time lately, I can't even recall the last time I updated the site. At least eight months ago, maybe longer. But I also hate to see it frelling go. So. We shall see.

We've had good walks the last couple of evenings, as the weather's turned a bit cooler. Yesterday, a brilliant sunset — competing shades of fiery pink and dusky violet-grey. There have been lots of bats, which is encouraging.
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