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Wookie lips.

Late, late, late, and I need to be in bed. But I was going to mention my surprise at finding myself disappointed that the oleaginous Malan Breton was given the boot on Project Runway last night. I loathe the man, but this third season is shaping up to be notable only in its almost complete absence of personality. What a painfully dull lot. In that drab company, Mr. Breton at least commanded attention. And whoever imagined that Miss America would make for an interesting challenge? For the first time, I found myself bored at the series. Anyway...

My thanks to sclerotic_rings for reminding me of Titan and the wonders that continue to be revealed by the ESA Cassini probe. Wow. Perhaps we will not have ethane or methane seas, but whatever the solar system presents beyond the speculations of mankind are wonders enough for me. Okay. Bedtime. Perhaps I shall even sleep...
Tags: cassini, dull things, project runway, saturn, titan
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