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Too late for coffee, too early for bed.

Just saw Thom Yorke perform "Cymbal Rush" on The Henry Rollins Show. Nice. The Eraser is really such a very, very good album.

It is a night of sirens here in Atlanta. Soon, we'll be lost in deepest, darkest Rhode Island, and the nights will be quiet, and I'll no doubt miss the annoying wail of sirens and kids shouting on the street and the blare of motorcycles and so forth.

Way back on Wednesday night, depressed and trying to cheer myself up, I dragged out some of Nar'eth's old things to see how they've been holding up, packed away for the last two years. But I didn't feel like getting into the boots, so I just put those big, heavy-ass leg shields on over my Eeyore slippers. The result was this bit of silliness:

I got three e-mails today, asking if it's okay to message me from my MySpace page or ask to be added to my friends list. And of course it is. That's why it's there. Well, that and the fact that I have this bizarre love of filling out blank forms.
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