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Michael Brampton writes:

I am a long term fan of yours from London. I read your journal religiously and I particularly enjoy your forays into Palaeontology. I was wondering if you planned to meld this aspect of your life into your fiction again at any time, like you did with Threshold. Also, are you planning to write another novel featuring Sadie Jasper (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE) she is one of my favourite characters of all time and I would LOVE to see more of her.

Anyway, hope you are well. I cannot wait for
Daughter of Hounds next year. Keep up the tremendous work.


Sadie Jasper has an important supporting role in Daughter of Hounds, and I have tentative plans for a future novel about her. But don't ask when it'll be written. I honestly don't know. That will depend on a lot of factors, such as how well Daughter of Hounds' sales go. As for paleontology, well it turns up in quite a lot of the short stories, and it will likely be at the heart of "The Dinosaurs of Mars," the sf novella I'll be writing this fall for Subterranean Press. However, I don't presently have plans for another novel where it's as central to the plot as it was in Threshold.

docbrite has been talking about that old bugaboo, the "reader-writer contract." Our thoughts on the subject are much the same, so I'll only quote this short bit, and you may read the rest in her LJ:

This is a fine example of why I believe most how-to-write books are claptrap. I've never felt that a writer has any responsibility to his readers except to do the best work he's capable of. Of course that includes some sub-rules -- being true to the characters, not cheating on the plot -- but if he spends time thinking about what the readers want, he'll end up writing for them, not for himself. A writer who doesn't write first and foremost for himself is unlikely to satisfy anyone else. This is how it's always worked for me, anyway.


Please have a look at the last round of the summer eBay auctions. Really, after these four are done, there will likely be no more until late September. I should especially like to draw your attention to the sold-out Subterranean Press hardback of Low Red Moon. Thanks!
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