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The envelope, please.

Among the day's other various unsavory duties, I could find no further excuse to delay the opening of the dread envelope containing the copy-edited manuscript of Daughter of Hounds. Spooky even captured the moment (behind the cut). However, I only glanced at some of the pages and have not yet begun to stet. Perhaps tomorrow. The ms. has to be back in NYC by the 21st, so the sooner I finish with it the better (especially considering all the other work and the preparations for our New England trip). This is my last chance to make significant changes to the book, though I don't presently anticipate much in the way of additional editing.

Thus goes the glamorous life of the writer...

Postscript: Also, congratulations to Elizabeth Bear (matociquala) on the news of her forthcoming short-fiction collection from Subterranean Press. I, for one, am very much looking forward to it!
Tags: doh, editing, stet, writing

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