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Addendum: More science — Umoonasaurus.

A new plesiosaur, named Umoonasaurus, has been described from the Cretaceous rocks of Australia, a relatively small rhomaleosaurid measuring only about 2.4 meters in length. This unusual plesiosaur possessed elaborate crests on its skull and survived in relatively cold waters at a time when Australia was a Southern subpolar continent. Anyway, here's an artists reconstruction of the beast:

Copyright © 2006 by Josh Lee

Also, a new meme sort of thingy (behind the cut), snurched from oneirophrenia. It comes with the following rules: "Quick Rules: Put down the first thing that pops into your head. Don't Delete and try again. Stick to your first answer!"

1. Cigarettes: unclean

2. Sex: as often as possible

3. Relationships: necessary

4. Your Last Ex: missed

5. Power rangers: pink

6. Marijuana: Cheech

7. Crack: whore

8. Food: asparagus

9. This President: monkey

10. War: extinction

11. Cars: CO2

12. Gas Prices: exorbitant

13. Halloween: Samhain

14. Bon Jovi: gross

15. Religion: crutch

16. MySpace: garish clutter

17. Worst Fear: being alone

18. Marriage: legal for all

19. Fashion: extraterrestrial

20. Brunettes: violet is better

21. Redheads: dye

22: Work: endless

23: Pass the time: as painlessly as possible

24. One night stands: can be fun

25. Cellphones: hang up and drive

26: Pet Peeves: wastefulness, bigotry, ignorance, Republicans, plastic packaging

27: Pixie Stixx: purple snot

28: Vanilla Ice Cream: my favourite

29: Porta Potties: gross, just like Bon Jovi

30: High school: Hell

31: Pajamas: what?

32. Wood: 80% of natural forests already lost

33. Surfers: dude

34. Pictures: frame

35. First True Love: Stevie Nicks

Tags: memes, paleo, plesiosaurs

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